Guide to moving home.

Congratulations on deciding on your new home!

The majority of movers will be moving out of a property as well as in to the new property so read on for advice for both circumstances.

Lists will become your friend when preparing to move whether electronic or reliable pen & paper.



Prepare ahead - before moving day

Ask around for recommendations for removal companies. These can range from 'a man with a van' to the whole package, including packing and unpacking services.

Fridays are usually the busiest day for moving so try to schedule the move for earlier in the week.

Read your meters at both properties on moving in/out day and research the best value deals for gas/electricity/broadband suppliers in your area.

Redirect post well beforehand - provides this facility.

Write a standard letter to notify utility providers, banks, insurances and anyone else who needs to know what your new address is and that you've left your old property.

Ensure your address has been updated on your contents insurance policy to protect your possessions.

Arrange a standing order from your bank to pay the rent into the agent's or landlord's account on time.

Remember to cancel or amend all standing orders and direct debits relating to the old property.

Allow lots of time to clear everything out.

On the day

Councils will arrange for bulky rubbish to be taken away but often need a few weeks' notice.

Go through each room in turn and move any furniture back to its original place.

Clean and tidy the property including garden and garage. Any damage must be repaired or replaced.

If an inventory is carried out on either moving out or in, make sure you accompany the agent.

If no inventory is taken, have a camera to hand and take photos with descriptions. This minimises disputes at a later date.

All deposits must be secured in a tenancy deposit scheme. Be sure to contact the scheme administrator to resolve any disagreements when it comes to handing back your deposit.

Once you're safely in your new home, take a deep breath and enjoy!